19 May 2010

o68. Locks :)

Hello hello!
So today I followed Mom to the hair salon, and I was supposed to get a trim but then I decided to get curls :O Haha.

Well I really like it. My previous hair was just flat and pin straight, I really can't stand flat hair, if anything! I used to spend ages applying volumizer and hairsprays just for it to have that pretty bounce so many girls have (Grr @ you if you have naturally soft and bouncy hair!) :( And it only lasts like 1 hour because my hair is just so persistent! Btw, this is my first time actually doing something to my hair, like.. I've never gotten it dyed, straightened, crimped, etc. No more pure virgin hair :(((
So here's to my new hair, yay! :)
Do you like it? :O


  1. ilikeit, looks good on you x)...hahaha, no more virgin hair? i have no idea how you came up with that...ooo, so now all that's missing is *coughhighlightscough* ;)...

  2. Haha aww thanks! You'll see it tmrw :D
    HOHOHO STEPH STEPH DO NOT TEMPT ME :P My Mom got a really nice colour today! So natural and idk.. burgundy? :\ Lol.