23 May 2010

o68. Yawn.

My DailyBooth picture today :D
I am infatuated with my webcam 0:)

What is your favorite game? Taboo, hands down!
Favorite color: Turquoise, pink, warm sunny yellow.
Least favorite color: Whore pink. :P
Do you like to drive fast? Yes!
Do you like thunderstorms? Yes :)
Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes.
What was your first car? I'm still driving my first car :\ Harrier.
If you could have any job, what would it be? Wedding favours and party invites designer.
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Yes, my Mom trained me since young. I now type very professionally :P
What's under your bed? Nothing, I don't store things under my bed.
What are your favorite sports to watch? Cheerleading, gymnastics, extreme sports.
Single biggest intense pain? This makes me sound so lame, but my biggest pain is period pains :\
The best places you have ever been? Ski resort in Korea :)
Hamburgers or hot dogs? Hamburgers!
What is your occupation? A Levels student :S
What was the last thing you ate? Cherries.
Do you wish on stars? I do, sometimes :)
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I don't know, but I'd like to be pink 0:)
Last incoming call on your cell phone? Sern. ♥
Last outgoing call on your cell phone? Shamburger :P
What's your favorite restaurant? For now? Edoichi, heee :)
Favorite food? Japanese-Western fusion.
Britney Spears is a skank--agree or disagree? Disagree.
What type of music do you dislike most? Screaming = not music. Nuff said.
What was the last thing you bought? Err.. Ribena in the canteen.
Do you take illegal drugs? I take legal drugs :P
Does someone have a crush on you? I hope not, heh :)
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem? More or less. :D
Favorite drink? Apple green tea. It's yum!
Favorite alcoholic drink? I'm alcohol intolerant! My liver doesn't digest it :( I do looove mocktails though, teehee :)
Do you believe in love at first sight? No, only lust at first sight. You can't love someone without knowing them. Love grows :)
Where were you for Valentine's Day? It was CNY! Haha I think I had lunch with WeiSern. Did we? :\ I honestly can't rmb, I feel horrid.
What's your favorite animal? ZEBRAS! And penguins :)
What do you think about most? Myself. Honestly. As conceited as that sounds, it's true.
Do you like to play in the rain? I've never played in the rain. I'm a sad child.
Are you a risk taker? I have no idea! I'd like to think so though.
Have you ever been to jail? No.
How many states have you lived in? Penang baby all the way yo. B)
Do you wear contacts or glasses? Both.
Hugs or kisses? Hugs.
Living arrangements? I have no idea what that means.
Who is your best friend? Belle.
What do you sleep in? I don't know.. a hammock? PFFT -__-
Biggest pet peeve? Bad breath. I honestly have too many to list. Perhaps a blogpost about that soon? :P
I have low tolerance for people who... Have no lift etiquette. I was just telling Darren about this today. I can't stand people who rush into the elevator even before you step out! The person inside the elevator should always go out first, before the person outside. Why don't people get it?!
Do you sleep with the TV on? Nope.
Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Yep.
Are you good at keeping secrets? Pretty good, I would say.
How do you spell relief? R-E-L-I-E-F. HAHA I'm just kidding. Hmm. Comfort food :)
Parents still together? Together and in love :)
Can you handle the truth? Yes bring it on!
Current car? Harrier.
Are you in love? With all my heart.
Hair color? Dark brown black.
What are you afraid of? Clowns. Terrified of them!
Last time you cried? When I watched Glee two weeks ago. The part where Finn's Mom said that she talks to his (deceased) dad everyday.
Friend you've had the longest? Kenneth? Haha.
Best friends? Belle, Jan, Carol, Mon. :)
Favorite car? Audi. Or an old school Mustang.
Number of keys on your keyring? Two.
Favorite day of the week? Fridays.
Favorite shampoo? It was this strawberry shampoo from UK, which I bought in Tesco haha. I can't find it anymore. It made my hair smell super delicious, almost edible :P
Day or night? Day :)
Best advice you've ever received? I give good advice :P
Favorite quote? Oh I read one the other day "I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?" LMAO!
Favorite type of music? Anything with a nice hook to it, really :) Alternative country, pop rock, etc.
Your biggest weakness? Betty Crocker chocolate brownies! Devine.
Biggest fear? Losing my loved ones.
Are you close to your parents? Extremely :)
Do you swear? No.
Favorite song at the moment? Train - Hey Soul Sister.
Read books? Plenty :)
Vegetable you love/hate? I hate red/green peppers, celery, parsley, yam.
Worst habits? Over analysing. Procrastinating!

*In a boyfriend/girlfriend*
Fun, smart.
Style of clothing? Preppy, smart, not sloppy!
Do they have to be popular? Nope.
Kiss on the first date? Well, Sern and I didn't kiss on our first date haha! Our first date was haha, completely platonic I would say :P
Sex on the first date? Never lol.

I officially tag: Gen, Mon & Thessie. DO IT :P

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