16 May 2010

o67. Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle*

This was, I think, the first TV series I got addicted to. I was 15 when I first watched it! And I used to get so crazy over it with Melanie! We used to loveadoreadmireidolizeworship Summer cos she was so fasl;difuabns;dkfjblsdiafbsdaf a-awesome 8)

Summer: You’re my destiny, Cohen.
Seth: Go save the world, Summer Roberts.
SETH; Summer’s right over there. Look. I’m sorry, don’t look. Don’t look. But, I mean you can look, but don’t look like you’re looking. [Sandy walks over] Hey, Dad.
SANDY; Hey, guys. [points] Is that Summer?
SETH; You know, I’m, going to go, uh, sit. [leaves]
RYAN; Way to salt his game, Mr. Cohen.
KIRSTEN; This is what happens when you let someone like this into our house. When you let our son hang out with criminals.
SANDY; Well, at least he has someone to hang out with. Don’t salt his game, honey.
KIRSTEN; What the hell does that mean?
SANDY; I… it… I don’t know.

KIRSTEN: So, the best thing for everyone is for everything to return to normal and in this house that means celebrating the holidays.
SANDY: Valentine’s Day is not a holiday. Rosh Hashanah, that’s a holiday. Memorial Day, yes, a holiday. Do you know who invented Valentine’s Day.
KIRSTEN: [defensively] St. Valentine.
SANDY: Hershey’s and Hallmark. If you’re single, it’s designed to make you depressed. If you’re lucky enough to be in love, start shelling out for chocolates, flowers, lingerie.
KIRSTEN: You never bought me lingerie.
SANDY: And see how upset you are. I hate this holiday!

Seth: Hey, Summer. I know flying home early is your move, but I stole it. I just want you to keep doing what you’re doing, because I think it’s pretty amazing. So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I do.

Summer: I mean, you want me to come with you, right?
Seth: Do I want you to come with me? Summer, you’re my little snow angel.

For me, it’s always been you, Summer. It’s always been you. I’ve tried to fight it and I’ve tried to deny it and I can’t, I can’t do it. You’re undeniable.

SETH; The point is, that guy doesn’t know, he doesn’t care about who you really are. In fact, he has no idea that every day of 3rd grade, you shared your lunch with that little, skinny squirrel that kept getting his nuts stolen by that fat squirrel.
SUMMER; I hated that mean squirrel!
SETH; And none of those guys were there when you had to read your poem aloud in class and your hand was shaking because you were nervous and you cared what the other kids thought.
SUMMER; Poem? What poem?
SETH; “I… wish I was a mermaid.”
SUMMER; You remember that? That was, like, sixth grade.
SETH; “I… wish I was a mermaid and… was friends with all the fish, a shiny tail and sea shells I- [Summer kisses him] I w-wish.”

SETH: Everything okay?
SUMMER: Yeah. It’s just the holidays can be hard, you know?
SETH: Yeah. Can I help?
SUMMER: You already have.

Summer: What do you want, Cohen?
Seth: I just want you.

Oh, and then there's Ryan and Marissa. They're too dysfunctional for my liking, grr so much stupid retarded drama! But they're pretty cute when they're together, no? :D

What was your first TV series EVER? Have you watched The OC? Do you love it?
Let me know in the comments below! :D


  1. If we're not considering cartoons, and anything from disney :P, then i think the first drama series i ever watched was probably one tree hill ;)...chad michael murray was so good looking then x)...not that i wasn't paying attention to the other parts of the show, pfffftt ;)...but i think i only watched the first season :/...

  2. Stephiee! :D
    Haha yes I watched One Tree Hill too! But like a few episodes of the first season. Couldn't be bothered to continue haha! :) I thought the other guy's pretty goodlookin too. Wait lemme google him haha. Oh right, it's Nathan. He's cute :DD

  3. i miss youuuuuuuu spazzzooo :(

  4. ohmygoshh..i love this post..i used to love the oc too..and yes..seth and summer were my fav..ryan and marissa were too hot cold for me..but i just hated it after they killed marissa..i mean come on..how can you kill marissa..anyhow, first series i ever followed was one tree hill too.!loved it with all my heart..still do after 7 seasons.=]

    yours truly,
    tv addict #1.=p

  5. @Mel Miss you too! Princess Sparkle* :)

    @Anonymous I knooooow! Too much drama lahh, got super sick of em lol. Whoaah you've followed it for SEVEN seasons? Lol my sister is still watching it too! Love you Thessie!

    not as much as i loved brooke from oth but still xD
    she was pretty fab :P