28 January 2010

o51. Sorry boys, girls only :P

My last post has inspired me to blog about fashion. Haha here's another.

My Top 6 Fashion Wishlist/Musthave
This is just basically what I feel every girl needs in her closet now. I say now, because I know trends can fade or grow tacky and all that, so yes. To avoid future embarrassment, I say NOW :P
And I say wishlist because some I do not have yet. *hint* :P

1. Bodycon / bandage dresses

Bandage dresses


I think these dresses really accentuate your curves, and they're fun to wear :)
It's not slutty, but it's not boring, that's for sure.
I can't get enough of bodycon dresses. Five is simply not enough, trust me on this!

2. Oxfords
I do not own even one pair of Oxfords! :'(


These will make your legs longers. Fo' sho'!
So much better than heeled boots, because boots just cut off your legs length. Boo to boots!

3. MaryJanes!
I only have one pair of MaryJanes, in olive green. How distasteful huh! HAHA I want one in black :)

Heeled MaryJanes.
(NiWen thinks heeled MJ's are just.. "wrong". I completely disagree!)

 Flat MJ's.

 The MaryJanes I wore in Aussie belongs to my aunt. Do you love it or what! I would get one exactly like that except that it's DKNY and costs like.. RM1000? Mmm. I'm still on the lookout for something which looks similarly like that :)

4. High waisted skirts

(a) Panel skirts

(Pics credit to Vivace Cabin)
I don't own any panel skirts, and I blame it on my figure haha. Panel skirts look best on lanky but shapely girls, and I unfortunately am not a size 0 :P Haha but if I have a figure like the model in the picture, trust me; panel skirts would be my number one fashion must have! I love admiring people who wear this, because however you wear it, it just looks equally stunning :)

(b) Tiered / flared skirts

 There's a stall outside MPH which sells the most gorgeous printed skirts in the world! The prices are RM59, 69, and 79, according to lengths :) I bought a highwaisted tulip skirt in Parkson recently during the sale, and it was about RM60 after discount. It's absolutely versatile, and you can either dress it up for the night, or dress it down for classes :)
I recently bought the one in the first picture from Oh, popsicles! Blogshop. It's absolutely gorgeous! Lovelovelove it :)
I also bought the one in the second picture above, from Dudes & Duchess Online Shop. It costed only RM32 with postage! Cheapest I've seen so far, so definitely a bargain. There are two more left in this blogshop, so get it quickly if you want!
 Honestly, I do not know if this is a phase for me, or am I still going to wear all my highwaisted skirts in 5 years time, but for now, I am loving it! :)

5. Leggings / Jeggings
There is an endless debate about jeggings (JEANS OR LEGGINGS?!), and I fully support the invention of jeggings! Brilliant, I say.

Studded leggings.
 I want this so badly, it's not even funny :P

I want these really badly too!
How comfy are they?! Gosh, it looks so unique and awesomeeee *googly eyed*

Okay these are just skinnies. Sorry :P Aren't they stunning though!

 Leggings are a must have in every girl's closet. Definitely. I think I own five similar black leggings alone lol.
You can wear literally anything with leggings haha :) It's a life saver.

6. Hairbands
Haha this picture is so cliched, and it's been everywhereee!
I, for one, am obsessed about hairbands, and I own almost 60, haha. "But you only have one head!" - Tim.
My favourite in the picture is most definitely the one in the middle, the yellow one! :)
It's such a fashion statement, and I wear a hairband everyday without fail. Haha obsessive much? :P

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