01 February 2010

o52. Penang Turf Club's Annual Dinner

A short lil update :)
Penang Turf Club dinner 2009.
Wasn't planning on blogging about this cos I didn't have any pictures! Haha lucky you :P

Uncle Yam, Auntie Sally, Myself & Dad :)
Close family friends. Almost family :)

Dad & the recently married John.

{picture credits to Richie + his awesome wide lens}

I am somewhat embarrassed to put up this picture of myself in a dress + glasses. This is just wrong, people :P Take it from me. :( My contact lenses supply was out, and don't worry this won't happen again. Ordered new ones two days ago, so all is good hahhaa :P
I was initially contemplating whether or not to wear a maxi dress, as I thought it would be too much. Thank God I wore that, or I would've stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone was so gorgeous and well-dressed. It's nearly impossible to overdress at that event haha! It was somewhat boring, except for the RM100,000 grand prize lucky draw. Haha probably wouldn't attend again next year unless someone (coughKyliecough) does :P

Ooh I smell peanut butter cookies. My mom is now Martha Stewart.
My tummy is happy :)

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