28 January 2010

o50. Who's your style icon?

This is my first time blogging about well, style and/or fashion, so yes I'm quite tongue tied now. :& Okay here goes. :P

For me, I've never liked blazers, jumpsuits, anything leather/faux skin, but since the beginning of last year I was really into mmm, the edgy and more in-your-face kind of style haha :S I've been trying to give my wardrobe a makeover, and am still in the process (Aren't we all? :P) haha. Last month, I bought 6 high waisted skirts in two weeks. There are only a few things a girl can't control, but shopping is most certainly one of them! Can I get an 'Amen'? :P


I don't know much about her, but as I've gathered, she's Russia's It Girl now :)
Apparently, she's the editor of Russia's Harper Bazaar? Some say Australia, but she doesn't look Australian to me, so I doubt that haha :)

I love this top and her hippie headband.
(I will never pull off the hippie headband look. I guess you just need that face, and unfortunately, I do not have it D: But how gorgeous are people with hippiebands?! So effortless & chic.)

This is so edgy, without showing off much skin. I love the silent elegance about this :)

I'm pretty sure this little tote is Chanel, because I loooove Chanel's vintage collection. Mmm :)

I really don't know whether to hate or love her :\ I love this hoodie, and how she styled it in such a way that it looks fresh from the runway.

I am in love with too many outfits of hers, but I HAVE TO SAY, that this is my absolute favourite, hands down :) I love this Hermes tote, and how she paired up a Missoni semi-trenchcoat-looking top with just plain solid stockings. I love this whole look :)

Damn, I just reread my whole post, and I've used the word 'love' nine times. No, I am not suffering from a limited range of vocabulary. She is definitely my style icon, for now at least :)
I know I seem obsessed, but it's perfectly acceptable (hahanot) in this case lollol. Especially when she's only 25, but has gained excess as a regular at fashion weeks held all over the world. And tell me, does she not rock the frontal fringe?! Not many people can pull that off, I'll give you that.

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