23 January 2010


Just before I start, let me just give you a heads up that this post will be a series of a disordered, UNchronologically ordered, & disorganised (is it disorganised or unorganised? :S) pictures, short passages & captions mess.

I have a new toy. :D I had this when I was like seven, and labelled everything in the house. But I couldn't find it, and when I saw it at MPH two weeks ago, I had to get it! :D I was so excited.
You probably don't understand my excitement, but really I am an easy girl to please! Give me a permanent marker and I can be occupied for an hour 0:) (Only ShuMei understands my markerpen fetish :P) I played with this label-maker thing for 2 hours consecutively, even during lunch :S

My new toy :)

See, you can even change the font! :O *in awe*

Lately, I'm into painting photoframes!
I got these blank wooden photoframes in Melbourne for a really cheap price. But WeiSern helped me check, and you can get the same price at Ikea in KL as well :)

Made this for NiWen when we got into a bad argument few days back.

Made this for Steph just because :)

*did you notice the stained & grunge effect at the borders? How awesome does it look?! Looks a million years old :)

Things I do in class, especially Chem because I really can't be bothered about buffer solutions and pH/pOH changes.

Joey's shirt.

Teeheeee :D

Draw on Steph's plaster.

 Doodle on each other's hands.
*Omg. We do this everydaaaay. It's like.. a routine lol*

Biology inside joke :P
A podocyte is what lines your.. something in your PCT (I forgot what that stands for) in your kidneys.
Gosh, my Biology knowledge is beyond amazing :P

I love this picture! :)

My Facebook is now in French :D


Je suis deconcerte par la traduction. :S Mais oui, j'apprends lentement :)
Je t'aime, lecteurs!

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