22 January 2010

o48. Imma be the flyest chick, Imma be spreading my wings.

WEDNESDAY (Two days ago)
Went for a spa retreat with WeiSern @ HerbaLine, Gurney. His Mom gave us a treat, hee. Is she extremely nice or what! :D
It was a package deal, which was inclusive of :
1. A foot scrub/exfoliating thing,
2. A facial with extractions and steamer,
3. An arm & shoulder massage, and
4. A fish spa treatment *was super excited for this haha!* :D

The exfoliating thingy. It was exactly like the one at the pedicure place I go to, Nails Hansen :)
[[Sern looks super excited about washing his feet :P]]


I couldn't take pictures of the facial and everything, because we were supposed to turn our gadgets off (considering it's a spa-like atmosphere). We were separated into individual facial cubicles/rooms, and were required to change into this.. sarong-like garment. Awkward moment there.. heh heh. :\

[ Facial person ; Me ]
*gives instructions in Mandarin*
Mmm.. Am I supposed to wear this?
Okay thanks
*closes curtains*

After 30 seconds,
Am I supposed to remove my clothes?
Yes Miss.
Oh.. Err am I supposed to remove my bra?
No, it's okay. You can leave it on.

See, folks. Lesson to be learnt : Never be ashamed of asking! :D
Imagine I just took everything off. She'd be like whoah eager/desperate much? :P

Anyways moving on, the whole facial + massage was good, except the extractions. I'd prefer & stick to my normal facialist, as I've been to her for a long time and she'd know my skin type, conditions and stuff. Whereas the beautician here does the same procedure for everyone, I reckon.

My favourite part of it all :P

The whole thing is definitely relaxing and the aromatherapy & music certainly made the atmosphere more exclusive. I would (and did) recommend people there, especially people aged 12-19! There's an ongoing promotion for teenagers which only costs RM48/pax :)
It's worth it, trust me. Can't get any cheaper. Go with friends for more fun :D
Have already planned to go with Belle & Steph soon! :)

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