12 January 2010

o47. Tennis!

Short post :)
Haven't been playing tennis for a long time, slightly more than a year! :O
Went for a short one-hour game yesterday morning with XiaoWen, NiWen and KheenHo (the CHARM cheerleader!).


  My awful serve!


 KheenHo in action.

 The girl who can play tennis with her hair down.
Haha I would be so irritated + my hair will be all over the place,
hence my unruly physical appearance :P



 Group pictures :)
(PS/ KheenHo thinks he looks like Bruce Lee. I had to google BruceLee to see what he looks like. And I pretty much agree! :P)

Oh by the way, KheenHo & I won 3-2 over my two sisters! Yay :)

I love you, Wilson :P :P

I know it's cheesy, shut up lol. ;)

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