12 January 2010

o46. WildFire Party Videoshoot.

We started the videoshoot at 6am! Driving on the roads had never been more relaxing. There are NO cars on the road at 5.30am, I kid you not. Haha such a rush just speeding along the main roads. :P

Apologies for the grainy pictures.
I stole them from SiuKeong's Facebook, heh heh. :P

Take 1.

Haha does Kathleen looks pissed at me or what? :P
She's explaining which angle should I stand and point and tap his shoulder and stuff, eventhough I have such a tiny role.

Directors; they're someticulous about everything! It's amazing :)

Heh. That's me not focusing. :P

That's me doing my job (correctly) :P

Melody & Kathleen.
Geniuses behind the cameras :)


Lol how random is this.
WeiSern is having a conversation with the broom, Pragas looks like he forgot his wallet and Darren's yawning away.
Well, at least Aaron's doing his job. :P



Haha I love this picture for some reason.
So much action going on! Haha :)

Hee. <3


Finished the shooting at church at 12pm, then off we went to SEGi College for the next scene. :)

In the van :)



Gary the director (from NewYork. HAHA :O) with our talent, Neil.
Job well done :)

Left for PCGHS after that.

  Lol @ Gary!
Btw they were aware that I was taking a picture. :P

  Aaron trying to look like he's Tiger Woods. Pfft -.-'

 Then he starts 'modeling' as Tiger Woods.

 The worst thing is, people Darren starts following him!
Wahh can die :P
[[Darren actually looks quite the stunner here huh :P]]

Not a bad shot huh I reckon :D

Finished our scene with PCGHS talents, then headed off to SXI :)
Choreographed a few scenes here. High school boys are so difficult to work with :P


 It was sweltering hot! Stood under the burning sun for an hour plus.
Though I must say all that was worth it.
We finally finished shooting at 5pm, when Gary shouted "That's a wrap!"

For nicer pictures, go to SiuKeong's photoblog.


Laughing at the bloopers at the end lol! "You are now on camera.." :P
Come for Wildfire Party 2, on 23rd January, at 7-10pm in EPCC!

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