31 December 2009

o43. Do You Rememberrrrr, Do You Rememberrrr.

You know why I hate you guys? Because you make me feel so guilty when I don't update! Yesterday my reader count was like.. 60 readers at only 1pm! That makes me go all "Aww.." inside! Haha pfft you guys! :P
That's why this post is here! Because I love you guys so much! :P

Went for a pleasant long walk all the way to Maling Road. The sun was shining, I wasn't sweating, Ash wasn't pooping.. It was fun! :) Haha. Another thing I love about Melbourne is how strangers greet you on the streets. I love it! Sometimes you can even stop completely and start an actual conversation with hot guys. Heh heh :P

Breakfast @ Maling Road.
Expensive place. Breakfast alone was about.. slightly more than AUD100, which is RM300+.

Everyone's breakfast :)

Eggs Benedict with salmon, bacon and rockets.
This is heaven, my friends :D

Turkish bread with mushrooms, tomatoes and rockets.

My hot chocolate with marshmallows :)

After breakfast, we walked around that area. It was lovely, packed with school girls in adorable uniforms, lolly shops and antique stores.

Found these in one of the lolly shops! I started laughing when I saw them. Hilarious.
Note: If you don't get the joke, see how the chocolate bar is labelled BOCHOX, as opposed to BOTOX.
And girth control instead of Birth Control! ;)

Big big strawberries :)

Love the streets.

Mom & Dad.
Notice the trees, how lovely!

See how ahead Dad is in front?
Shows how long we take to snap a picture lol :P No worries, cos I love this picture. :D

Stopped at Aunty Cheryl's house on the walk back home.

Her garden has been on TV, and has won several landscaping competitions! :)

Love the set up.
Complete with grill, summer fan, shade, or heater (the black thing on top) when it's winter.

I love this area! She calls it her summer bed. :D
So very cool.

Haha so excited, I know :P

Was fascinated by this house! Covered with.. moss/weeds/creepers/etc.

Random shot while walking lol.

Went grocery shopping at Coles after that! :)

NiWen at the vege/fruits section :P

Let me show you something we don't have in Malaysia...

(I know this dots thing is so irritating, but just for effect :P)

Ugh how sick is that btw? I shuddered at the sight of it haha :\
Haven't tried, but I am going to one day! :P

Shopped for so much groceries, it came up to almost.. AUD300, which is nearly RM1000! HAHAH :S :S
Came home and we all helped to prepare dinner! Mom's infamous chicken pie and aunt's salmon salad! :D

This is me helping :D

This is NiWen pretending to be helping :P

How beautiful is the kitchen?! I fell in love with it :)

 Salmon salad. :)

Mom's chicken pie with like 4984719023kg of spinach!
So veggie-y. But awesomeeee :D

That is Day2 for you, folks! ;)
Oh btw, these relatives of mine are currently in Penang yay! :)
Have been out with them, eating my butt off! Like literally every hour of the day D:
Going for prayer @ KDU with CampusRevoTeam, then tennis and swimming with my cousin tmrw :)

Gosh, I just remembered that I still have Christmas to blog about! So to make it easier for me to decide, I'll open a poll for you guys to choose what you want to read about :) And yes I'm smart enough to not put another option : both, because that just defits my purpose of asking you guys :P
If you have any other comments, leave a loveletter at the bottom of this post! I love comments :D

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