28 December 2009


You hate me, I get it :P
Met up with one of my psychos (Monica Shenton :P) some time last week, and she was all.. "Kai.. your blog is pathetic. I scrolled down reading the Day 1 post and I'm like.. that has got to be the shortest Day 1 post ever!" I burst out half laughing & half apologising! :P

So here I am to make it up to you with a longer & more elaborate post! :))

Since I was researching about tourist spots on Melbourne before going over, one place I really wanted to visit was the art market. So my cousin Pei insisted on bringing us there on the very first day! Woke up at 5am Malaysian time, and considering the fact that I only arrived in Melbourne at 1am the previous night, you could be damn sure I was dead tired. GG :\

How quaint and lovely.

HAHA this picture makes me smile everytime because he's just too precious! :)

Our breakfast.
Fruit salad, turkish bread with avocado & skinny latte.

Went for yumcha (that's what they call dimsum) for brunch after that. I know, we already had breakfast earlier on. We are such pigs :P
Went over to Westfield for some shopping!
I could drone on and on about how I love the stores there! :)
Supre, JayJays, Dotti, Cotton On.
I especially love how high-spirited and lively everyone is! And how everyone greets you when you enter a shop. "Hey how's it going!", "Hey lovely, if you need any help, I'll be back there eh?" etc.
They make me so happy! Haha! & of course, I love their accents ;)

My favourite-st mall in Melbourne :)

Went back home and while NiWen & Pei watched CenterStage (love that movie btw!), Mom Aunt & I took Ash (the dog) for a walk 'round the neighbourhood :D

Haha stupid picture.
I was getting Ash to stay still! :P

*My uncle likes commenting how the dog walks me, not the other way round :P*
I'll have you know I am now an excellent dog walker, with all the training I had in Melb! :P HAHAHA.

My aunt & I.
She's the most loving and generous aunt ever! Awesomeee :)

This is their house. It is truly gorgeous!

I stayed here for two weeks :)
*I'll have a video of a tour of the house posted up soon!

HAHA @ the picture :P

The little one :)

Notice how NiWen is being a party pooper >:(

Pei & I :D
Loveeee her to bits&pieces :))

Dinner that night was amaaaazing. Italian :)
The following are pictures of food which I do not remember the names of, so yeah just scan through them.
And be jealousssss bhahahaha.

There you go! :)
Oh, and a belated Merry Christmas to you guys!
Thanks for being here reading haha I reaaaaally appreciate it.
*gives giant bear hug to readers* :)

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