31 December 2009

o44. It's The Final Curtain Call.

The year twothousandnine is coming to a close in just 6 more hours.
If you are one of those people who felt like.. Omgsh what happened to the rest of the year?! *panichyperventilatedieeeee*, don't worry cos you're not alone! At least, that's what I thought. But if you really take time to think about what you have done, even especially little things, you'll be quite surprised, and maybe even impressed! *gives reader a pat on the back* :)

I thought about what have I achieved, with God's provision and guidance, this year.

1. Go for my first mission trip to Sabah! This was truly a dream experience because I knew I was experiencing such a big task, and that made me grow in many ways. This was where I got to marvel at how God can guide me as an individual and also mold me as a servant and disciple.

2. Spend more time with my family. And to think that I can't love them anymore, they prove me otherwise :P How cheesy of me, but they are truly so supportive and they're a huge anchor for me, even attitude-wise :) It truly is unconditional love :D Blood is always thicker than water :) Well except in certain cases :P

3. Have more maturity & patience (I hope! :P). But I guess some close ones would agree with me on this, not saying that I'm super mature in the way I act & talk (I'm completely opposite, if anything!), but more in the sense that I can rationalize and have debates in my head to give someone the benefit of doubt. I have had so many confrontations this year, it's not even funny. Some are mild ones, some are serious ones, I've even had serious confrontations with someone else's parent. Yes it was that serious! Haha but that really groomed me in an alarming way :)

Okay wait I'll continue this post later :P Gotta go get ready for New Year's Eve dinner at Auntie Cynthia's! Hello 3491284792384pounds! Lol :D

I proudly embrace you :)

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