27 October 2009

o36. Run like the wiiind!

Run For The Nation (RunNat) 2009

Organised by a network in Malaysia, every state has several teams to run throughout the whole state. Penang alone has about 200+ people running, and that morning, there were thousands of other people running with us in other states! I thought it was pretty cool, cause I'm just a sucker for events like these :D I joined the run with WeiSern, Darren, and Pragas as our team manager (because he can't run HAHA jokes :P).
We trained 2 days before, and the muscle aches and sores were still tangible! Not fun, my friends :P

But this is no ordinary marathon/run. The thing is, we have to pray aloud while running, as in pray for the nation and y'know, big things. It was pretty tough, but though hard to believe, the praying made it easier. It was an awesome event, because it shows that youths and young people can do great things for God :)

"Let's all do some jumping jacks!"
Gosh. Why do I have so many pictures of me doing things like these? ._.

Obviously very excited about something Sern said :P

Team manager, Praggy :))

Nonsensical warm up before the 5km run! Hee.

Aww. Happy running times! :P

We look so positively fit, like for a fitness ad campaign crap :P HAHA.

Getting the prayer card, with the list of prayer items :)

Wooh so pro, reaching the destination! :P

Us with the certificates after the run!
Looking all sweaty and.. blergh, yeah :P


Picture credits to: NiWen :)

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