14 October 2009

o35. I Enjoy Studying. No, really. :)

Had a good time studying -yes, actually studying- at Queens with Sern today :)
But first, we went lunch, because on the way driving to Queens, I realized that I haven't had my lunch. I know, I'm so insightfully (no, it is not a word) smart. :) So he brought me for Pan Mee at some place in BJ. He is such a man with great directions, I call him my walking GPS. He really is :)
Yes it was my first time having Pan Mee! It was yumm!

A slice of heaven in every spoonful :)

Left for Queens and studied at Starbucks in Borders. Did one Pure Math paper. Made a few mistakes, got roughly around 85. So unsatisfied. One thing that irritates me about completing Pure Math papers is that it's so time-consuming! Since one paper is one hour and 45 minutes. Pfft. Mind you, there are 8 years, which means 16 papers. 32 hours spent on Pure Math revision. Very nice :)

Sern brought me for a treat at Paddington's because he claimed that I deserve a break for doing well for my practice test! :)

It looks so repulsive, but trust me it was satisfyingly gooood :D
Especially the blackberries :)

Haven't tried JCo's yet (I know, I'm so outdated). Bought one measly donut, which I chose, because it was so adorable! Look at its shape, like molecules! Heee.

It was- NOT. YUMMY.
It tasted so bad, I immediately texted B to tell her how disgusting it was.
People, I'm not even exagerating (damn it, the spell checker keeps underlining my word! How DO you spell exagerating? grr*)
Oh, just googled. It's EXAGGERATING. Ahh, who would've thought. Double g's :\

Edited on 27th Oct: I'm sorry. J Co's doughnuts are actually really yummyyy! Just don't try this, cause it tastes horrible ): Went again last week and gosh they were so delicious! Teehee :)

Sern :)
OH, I bought the bag in the picture on an online blogshop. Isn't it pretty? :)
So vintage-classic-Chanel inspired. Without the Chanel logo of course :P
I got it at a reasonable price too! :)

Walked across the road for dinner at Kapitan. Mmm, Mamak is good for the soul.
Dropped by Jan's on the way back. Ahh I miss her so much. She's so easy to love, and gosh; how strong she is in covering her worries. Grr but yet so fragile at the same time :)
I love you, my person. :)


Pure Math AS Exam tomorrow!
Yes, this is IT. Ace it or flunk it. No in-betweens :\

Have been practicing lots for this one; challenging myself with a clock, doing tests repeatedly, having a fun challenge to train for time in the discussion room with Belle & Daniel.
I really need to nail this one.
It's time to let the Pure Math paper experience a taste of my wrath! :P
Jesus, help me.

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