12 October 2009

o34. Thrift stores & vintage charms.

I've always been into vintage crafts, and things like that. Here are some of the websites I absolutely love, and the things they have to offer! :)

I love the typewriter font, which gives it such an old school feeling :)

I am a huge sucker for monogrammed items (keychains, necklaces, lockets, etc.)

Hugs & kisses necklace :)

What I love, is also her blog. She takes beautiful photographs and she has such a wonderful family :) This blog is in a way, inspiring, because it makes you see the beauty in everyday happenings and events :) Listen to me, getting all sentimental :') Haha.

She makes all kinds of funky stuff! Really, no one tops all her projects and DIY tutorials and ideas :) TWO WORDS: Creativity redefined.

Making a family crest above the fireplace :)


Into this!

A three-tiered turn table for tea parties, or for storage purposes :)

Transferring the ornate details on this sewing machine..

...onto her leather sketchbook!
It's so pretty, I reckon!
I looovee things like that. Ahh, so much talent really :)

Using only a penny and those Decals 'tattoo' stick-on thingies, to make..

..a vintage charm necklace! :)I love quirky vintage things like that. The ones which people normally wouldn't wear nowadays, haha :)

There are TONS of other stuff I wish I can show you guys!
I hope you'll go over to their blogs and enjoy marveling over all the little things as much as I did!
I wish Malaysia has thrift stores & garage sales! Do inform me if you happen to know of any vintage thrift stores or anything! :)


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