08 October 2009

o33. Omegle, lmao :)

I know, I'm horrible. :(
You don't want to read this blog anymore because I don't update and I leave my readers abandoned and forsaken.
It's okay, I get it.
*wipes tears away & walks off dejectedly into the sunset*

HAHAHAHA BUT ANYWAYS! I'm back, so yes I don't have to walk off into the horizon! :)
& yes, I know I said my next update will be what I did on Merdeka. This was ages ago, but yes I'm still gonna post it up anyways because I promised 0:) hee.
Okay I'm getting so redundant now!

Celebrated Merdeka Eve at Aunty Cynthia's.
Insanely great cook with a kitchen to match! :)
This was yum. I'm a sucker for baked potatoes. Hello, calories! :P

Sis said this looks like a slimming/weight loss advert. Haha so contradictory to my comment on my previous picture :P

We dressed up in Merdeka colours! Haha :)
Oh, the patriotism.

After dinner, we left for Queens & met up with Ainhur (Yes, Ainhur. "A combination of Einstein & Ben Hur" haha or so he says :P) and another guy. Heh forgot his name. Sis's friend. :\

Horrible! UGH.

They're so pretty srsly :)

The Awesome.
You know it ;)

Lil sis.

My very funny joke which no one laughed to :(
Right, so anyway moving on...

Got to watch pretty fireworks too, though it lasted for only like less than 10mins. Boo :\
A collage of all the fireworks that night :)

My favourite, by far. Look so chandelier-like :)


Just talked to ShuMei, my very close friend in Sydney.
She introduced me to this website.

It's basically where you just talk to random people, without blowing off your identity. It's fun unless you get weird horny people. But other than that, it's hilarious!
You can be anyone you wanna be. It's pretty funny :)
Here's an example of my conversation with some dude from Taiwan, as I later on found out.
[Stranger being the other guy, and You is.. me :D]

Stranger: hi stranger
You: Stranger? You mean, you don't know me?!
You: :O
Stranger: haha
You: How could you!
Stranger: oh!!!!
Stranger: i remembered u
You: Ahh, i thought so too.
Stranger: we met at school this morning , right???
You: Totally.
Stranger: how's martin?? he looks not so good today
You: I know. Tell me about it.
You: That rumor has not been doing him any good.
Stranger: poor martin
You: Aren't you his bestfriend? What, are you backstabbing him or something?
You: Some friend you are.
Stranger: no
Stranger: i didn't so somehting like that
Stranger: i promise
You: You did. I can't believe you.
Stranger: i am his best friend.. and i would sell him out :D
You: I'm gonna post it up on Gossip Girl.
You: You are so screwed tomorrow morning.
Stranger: woundn't*
Stranger: haha
You: I wouldn't be laughing if I were you.
Stranger: fret not
You: I'd move at least 5 states away.
Stranger: really??
Stranger: but i am not u :d
You: Aha.
Stranger: i will stay here and wait for u to come
You: Brilliant, brilliant.
Stranger: u can kill me but don't "murder" me
You: It's okay. I'll see you in school 2mrw anyway.
You: Oh you bet i'll murder you.
Stranger: sure
Stranger: yeah
You: But you're not worth getting my hands dirty. I'll get Martin to do it.
Stranger: martin won't do it , trust me
Stranger: ;D
Stranger: are u amercian??
You: Nooo.
Stranger: haha , bad guess
You: I'm Malaysian. Try looking it up.
Stranger: cool
You: That was a good guess actually.
You: You? :]
Stranger: am taiwanese
You: Haha nice. I went to taiwan last year!
You: In december. It was not as cold as i expected :\
Stranger: really??

Haha and it moved on to other stuff from there, and I talked to him about Malaysia & stuff. It was cool :) Haha entertaining as well.
You get different responses all the time!
Tip: Do it with a friend beside you, it'll be twice as funny. Trust me ;)


  1. Um... The friend next to you was me right?! Lol
    hope you're not addicted!!!

    You know what's extra fun? giving away someone elses email! Yeah, it's pretty mean, but funnyyy :) especially when they ask for horny pics of yourself hehe


  2. Haha yes mei :P HAHAHA why are you anonymous? Lol.
    You are so mean, pfft. I will never give you my email. Too bad I already did :(