13 September 2009

o32. Ready For Those Flashing Lights.

A lil of what I've been doing since the last time I blogged, haha!
Yes they're mostly food, damnnnnn :\

3 quarts in July.
2 quarts in August.

They're all finished now btw :\ Such gluttony, tsk tsk :P

Anyways, what have I been up to? Mmm, I've attended a lot of family events; spent loadss of time with my family :D Truly enjoyable.

Dad's BFF's House Warming :)

Mom & sisters with Aunty Sue :)

Random shot; that's sis in the back.

I love pretty thingies like these :)
Some of them look really tacky & all, but some are just beautiful.

I WILL have a fully equipped gym in my future house, for sure! :D

Haha cough cough :P It was a spontaneous shot, so I have no excuses for this embarrassing picture :P HAHAHA.

I would need one of these.
I've always been awed by coffee machines, only for the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to use them. :P

Shopping for my room :)

Buying lotsa bedding material for my room @ Aussino :)
Love the TShirt pillow covers! :D
One reason why my family loves indulging in bedding & stuff, simply because there's all the reason to splurge on your own get away after a long day's work! :D

Yesterday; Dinner @ Azuma, Queens.

We ordered so much, it wasn't even funny! Haha the bill came up to RM198, and if you spend RM200, you're eligible for the VIP card.
So yeah, I ordered a temaki :P Heee yumm :D

Random outings & dinners.

A date with my pumpkin!

Spent hours doing nothing, chilling at Baskin's, then Starbucks, and went to watch Harry Potter with her (she has no clue what was happening HAHA iloveyoubabe :P). Took photo stickers! I'm a sucker for these! I've got tons of em in my wallet, & I love showing them off to everyone I meet haha! (:

Oh, and also I have a sudden thing for online shopping! :O Gosh, I can spend hoursssss looking at all those things! (Sis just saw me typing this and she said "Hours? More like dayssss!") Well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;) HAHA!

Anyways. This is Part I of my update! Haha going out with my btches Mon&Jan in twenty! :)
Part II is gonna come up pretty soon, promise! :D - what I did on Merdeka's Eve & college gang lunch with Thessie Wessie @ Mizi's!

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