27 August 2009

o31. Fight To The Finish

Just finished watching the latest Bring It On;
Bring It On: Fight To The Finish.
*review coming up soon* :D

It's crazy how much I miss cheerleading. All the strengthening, stretching, flexibility training, perfecting dance routines until 10pm in the school gym, pyramids, stunting, basket tosses, jumps, walkovers & cartwheels, split & arches, pikes & hurkeys, toetouches, scorpion & heel stretch, etc.
Every drop of sweat, and yes even blood, is worth it when you complete your routine at Nationals with a beaming smile, and hugging your teammates :)
Eventhough I left my cheer squad last year, up till now I still refer to Vivacious as "WE", not "you guys..".
I guess what they say is true; once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader.
I love you, Viva divas <3>

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