01 November 2009

o37. You Don't Have To Be 21 To Vote Here!

Happy Sunday, readers! :)
In the midst of exams, and the next paper is on Wednesday, Chemistry Paper 2. This, my friends, is the most dreaded paper of them all. I haven't exactly started studying for Chem. I don't know what's wrong with me. I blame it partly on the schedule, which is quite well-spread out, allocating about 5-6 days in between each paper. So I keep telling myself that there are plenty more time left. Not good. :(

Anyways! On a brighter note, I am currently in the process of revamping my blog template! Can I get a woop woop? :D
I really can't decide between three options, so I'm creating an online poll on my blog so that you readers can vote for your favourite template! Personally, though, my favourite is the one with the bird. Haha so adorable :)


The current one, heh! :)
I spent so much time on this one, so I would be quite sad to change my blogskin!
Haha every single detail was really very thoroughly Photoshopped and tweaked, so that you readers can blissfully read this blog :P Teehee!


I like this one because of the simplicity of it.
Naturally I would change the polaroid picture into cough, a picture of me of course HAHA jokes! :P
And I don't fancy this font, it's big and.. yeah I like my fonts small but readable :)


Isn't this adorable!? Haha I especially love the fact that the template has three columns, so I can insert more random but very useful stuff on the sidebars :D HEH.
Oh, I like the font used for the posts too. :)

Here's the poll:
Vote wisely! :P Hee leave a comment on my cbox on the right sidebar if you have anything to say! :D :D Loveeee!

PS/ I hope you had a great Halloween! I did :)
Blog post coming soon xx!

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