13 July 2009

o25. Not A Typical RahRah Event :))

Cheer 2009 - The Biggest Cheerleading Battle/Showdown/Competition/Tournament/etc Of The Year!

[L-R] NiWen, PeiWen, XiaoWen, Me, Mom!
A family of cheerleaders; everyone was cheerleader once :)

Went down with Dad & PeiWen after college. Fun ride, fun talks :D
Reached KL, and checked into Boulevard Hotel, the place I always stay in when I'm in KL. Love that place (:
Come out of your room, get into the exclusive lift, lobby, walk through a backdoor, and the South Wing of MidValley greets you :) HELLOOOO SHOPPING SPREEEEE! ;) ;)

Had a one hour shopping trip @ MidValley, and still managed to buy loadsa stuff! Haha insanity! I love the sales there - Malaysian MegaSales! Wooohh :)) Got 4 tops from Zara, wheeee :D Damn, I sound so materialistic. I AM NOTTTTT. Haha i'm serious! Whatever looks good, suffice :)

My whole family stayed in the hotel, and everyone had different agendas! Haha :) XiaoWen, NiWen & I left for BukitJalilStadium at 8am the next day! So insanely & hyperventilatingly excited HAHA :P Reached there, got our places & waited for the event to start!

Pictures speak a thousand words; so I'll let em talk ;)

Jien! :D (don't tell me you don't know him, I KILL YOU!) :P
The host for Cheer for 10 years! :)

The crowd which come in thousands, HAHA :D
Everyone was so loud & full of energy! Haha imagine a place with 860 (no joke) participating cheerleaders & thousands of their friends/family/supporters. Haha it is so loud&mad, it's NOT even funny :P
One of the many reasons why I love Cheer! :D The cheerleaders of cheerleaders! :D

A Shirtliff supporter! :D So adorable, really.
The team who was Champion last year :)

We got 2nd for Northern Region :)
Got Champion for Northern Region last year, but it was all good, extremely proud!
"Aww you guys, I'm like a proud mamahh!" HAHAHA :))

After everything was over, went hotel hunting, as most of the hotels near the stadium was fully booked. Got a place at some mini hotel, but it was so dodgy &.. eww. So we checked out, lol.
Went to Sri Petaling Hotel and they were fully booked except their Family Deluxe Suite, so we got that! Haha :)

It was huuuuge & awesome :D Haha.
3 rooms - two bedrooms & a TV/living room :)

DAY 2 OF CHEER 2009 Nationals.

Decided to go shopping first, but didn't know where to go, so two elder sisters suggested Bangsar :) I've never been to Bangsar before! Haha such a KL noobie :S But I love it now! Many many pretty boutiques & such :) Spent an hour in Cats Whiskers, bought 4 dresses, yay. I love that place, especially the colour-coordinated clothes :D So easy to shop! :)
Headed off to Delicious, Bangsar Village for lunchh.

I love the interior :)

PeiWen :)

The food we ordered. Mmmm :)

Headed off to BukitJalilStadium, and waited for Vivacious to perform! Cheered my tonsils out :S
A clean & infractions-free performance. Great job :)

PeiWen & NiWen (+herbrokenarm)

I love this part! :D
"Come on down & show everyone your banners & flags!"

Then it was time for..

Champs : Blitzerz
1st runner up : Shirtliff
2nd runner up : Calyx
4th : Dynamitez
5th : Titans

Congrats, guys :))
Vivacious came in 11th. (Last year: 6th)
Not in Top 10, but crazily close.

I was more disgusted than impressed.
Stunting on hard floor is just illegal & stupid, and all cheerleaders know that. The problem is that they still continued doing it after one of the American judges came & warned them. If you want to show off, do it on the mat.

Coaches from CHARM :)
FuHun, KheenHo, LiYen & U-Sern.
Check out FuHun's Bow&Arrow! INHUMANE! HAHA.

Four sisters with the coaches who stayed at our house & played Restaurant City & the typing game till wee hours in the morning :P
Haha I'll miss em :)

Blitzerz's winning performance :)





  1. It really took forever.. ^^ Oh you have a cheerleader sis ? haha.. not bad

  2. Gonna finish my update very soon lahh :)
    Hey I am a cheerleader too okay. Haha okay not anymore this year, cos KDU doesn't have Cheerleading Club, bleeeh -.-

  3. kai schmai!

    cheerleaders of cheerleaders. good one man!