24 July 2009

o26. A Promise To Procrastinate :P

Honey & Sarah's 18th!
Theme: Black&White.

Okay, just to clear things up, I'm blogging about an event which happened on.. 16th of June :P
*ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes* NYAHAHAH I'm sorry guys. & sorry for all the delay. I know some of you coughshamcough have been waiting for em pictures, HAHAHA :P

Anyways, the ahh-mayy-zing thing about this event was that it's three of my favourite people's birthdays! :)) Belle, Honey & Sarah! So yes, planned this whole outing 2 weeks before, on a prettydarnlong thread on Facebook! Decided to go to RedBox cos many of us are karaoke virgins, haha seriously!

"You're 18 and you've never been karaoke-ing?" HAHA :)
I honestly though sadly admit, why yes. It WAS my first time! I've never been karaokeing mainly due to the reason that none of my circle of friends go karaokeing. HAHA and also I've always thought RedBox & karaoke lounges are dodgy and.. y'know. Yeah, you know :)

Me & Thess :)

While waiting for the rest!

& then it starteddddd, wooooh :)
Loves :)
Honey breaking it down! Haha it was "I'm A Slave For You" - Britney.

Tim's challenge: Do the.. Indiany dance. Yuva's showing him some movesss :)

We sang like a billion songs, seriously! At least it felt like it. Some that I remember - LoveGame, I Kissed A Girl, I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend, Glamorous, Fergalicious, Pokerface, Girlfriend, a whole lotta Linkin Park songs for the guys (They know every word. Mad :P), The Ketchup Song!
The Ketchup Song was the last, and also the most fun. Everyone was dancing on the seats & trying to not mess up the curly tonguetwisting lyrics!
I swear I struggled with talking at the end of the night, haha sang non-stop for like almost 3 hours! Fun :)
Oh, did I mention we made TJ kiss Sarah and Sarah kiss TJ? ;) Haha it was a well-planned thing, and credits to Tim for planning the whole thing, again, on a Facebook thread :P Best birthday present, Sarah? ;) It was super sweet though, they're adorable :)

Left for Chilli's, but the person said they don't do reservations, and it was a major screw up cos they took our cake grr haha :P
Mmm settled for Nando's. We were deeaaadd hungry!

Colouring while waiting for our food to come :D
They were lame crayons though! :(
Geez, my face.
Why do I always get these kinda shots? So lost.
And.. stoopid. Lol :P

Honey, my psycho bitch ;)
I love this woman! :D

Us outside Nando's :)
Steph, Daniel, KJ, Sham, Thess, Honey, Me, Tim, Yuva, TJ, Sarah, SuQuin :)
PS/ Daniel didn't follow the black&white code. Pshh :P

It was still early, so we walked over to G-Spot @ G Hotel.
We got the VIP room :P Heee, it was pretty spectacular, being in it.
Since it was Ladies' Night, we all got free margaritas. But they were left unfinished, cos we don't drink (much), aha! :P

All of us :)
I really enjoyed that night. It was just the right amount of people, and these are the people you know really well & can talk to about just anything :) Walking barefooted, walking to GHotel, balancing on the sidewalks, under the stars, laughing & screaming with you friends.
I love these people :) Not too wild, but not too innocent either ;) Hee. They're all geeks :P HAHA insanely smart & intelligent people, with a psycho side :D
Thanks guys.
Mucho loveee!


Honey's light-up torch/microphone :P
Specially for her very first karaoke session! :)
Sarah's card.
Did it in sucha hurry! Made 4 cards in like 3 days! Craaazeeh.
Will post up more pictures when I get em! :)

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