01 July 2009

o24. Goodbye hugs & silent tears.

*Post dedicated to: Miss Thessa Arabella <3

Got the news that she's leaving on Saturday night. Craaaazy, it was so sudden. So her farewell was planned on Sunday night. Last minute, but everyone was there :) See how much we all love you, Thessyy! :P

Belle, Thessers, YoursTruly.
On the way to the farewell dinner! :)
*Might post up pictures of the farewell dinner @ Nagore Place when I get the pictures :) 17 people :D

Her goodbye hugs & people who love her :)
Topright,clockwise ; Belle, Belle :'(, HoneyStars, Stephie.
Teary eyes :')

I've known her for.. a mere 3 months. One of the first few college friends I made :] But still I feel like I've known her for much longer than thaaat! :') She's sucha sweetie, really. I'm gonna miss the way we go super hyper together, having everyday lunch @ college, our group inside jokes ;)
Gave her a packet of macadamia's for her journey to KL, a little post it & one of my charmbracelets; so she'll take a piece of me wherever she goes, HAHA cheesy I know. Shut up :P
Her goodbye card to me, gaaah, heartwrenching, I'm serious :'(

I love this girl :)
& I miss her already, damnit.