24 June 2009

o21. You Make It So Easy

A Short -But Thoroughly Enjoyable- Date :))

It felt like a Sunday, or how a Sunday ought to be :)
I just felt so much joy today, the your own laughter ringing in your ears, closing your eyes & smiling & just knowing you'll remember that exact moment in your life, kind of joy. I was almost, if not, in a complete state of euphoria :) A complete opposite from yesterday, I must say ;))

Went for lunch at Harvest In (yes, not Inn, as I thought it was supposed to be, haha). Such a pretty place. Just puts you in the right mood the moment you step into the place, no exaggeration here okay! :P

I love the minimalistic theme & designs :)

I think he was in the middle of saying something nyahaha :P

It looks so pixelated, I know. Had to tweak the Curves quite a bit because me being the ingenious 10sec-timer photographer that I am, forgot to put on the flash, heh! :)

Being an absolute sucker for collages, I think I'm going to have one every post :P Okay almost every :P
I adore this collage :))))

Our Cajun Chicken with Creamy Tumeric Sauce, with Rice & Fresh Vegetables.
It was yummm! :)

We shared only one course because opposite Harvest In was a Nasi Melayu shop. And gosh, my weakness for Nasi Melayu :P Haha so we saved some space in our tummies for that later! Walked across the road for the best Nasi Melayu everrrr :D Haha :]
It was a good & satisfying lunch! :D

Walked quite a bit. Walking always make us happy :)
+ it's healthy :D

Went to Gurney after that, and I saw the big banner @ 7th floor saying HANNAH MONTANA : THE MOVIE.
So I said "Oh let's watch that!", haha. And he was like "Okay!"
I was like :S :S :S
Haha :) we ran/skipped to the 7th floor and got our tickets JUST IN TIME for the movie.
It was nice, no joke :) Maybe not worth RM6, but it was enjoyable & easy, although predictable.

I expected more, I don't know why. But it was worth every penny cent :D Loved the extremely insane CGI, one-liner jokes, Shia Labeouf, Bumblebee and yes.. Megan Fox :P :P

Have so much more to review, but..
I don't feel like it, and I'm tired haha :P

Thanks for the surprise :)

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