27 June 2009

o22. Billy Jean Is Not My Lover ;)

A Shopping Spree With The Wens

Haven't shopped like this in awhile, I don't buy everything in one shopping trip, I buy things/clothes one at a time (haha) to lessen the guilt trip :P

10-sec timer on the dashboard during a red light! Haha :)

Crocs shopping, haha we spent like 40 mins there! :P adorable colours! :)
They make my feet look like.. a kids'! Crocs look stupid, but it makes me happy :)))

A short break from all the shopping!
Gelatomio :) - Chocolate Marshmallow, Green Apple, Mango.

Fitting room.

We didn't really planned on shopping, but the damage done was:
New skinny jeans
Fringe shoes
Summer dress


I couldn't buy more although I was so tempted to, really :P Is it just me or are clothes getting more expensive these days? I am so broke :( Take me to a thrift store! :P
*goes on strike: WE WANT MORE DISCOUNTS!* :P
But it was good time spent with my sisters :) Really had fun, haha ;)

Our dinner :]

Love em! :)
"Lethal combination". So true ;)
Note: there's NiWen with her sling for her broken arm! So much limitations in clothes for her :(

A loss for the whole world.
I'm sure we all grew up listening to -if not going craaazeh over- his songs & albums. I did. To me, although his videoclips are mmm quite questionable (I was terrified of Thriller) but the songs he wrote, wow - Heal The World, Billy Jean, Man In The Mirror, Beat It.
He's truly a legend. With the most extreme of everything - most sold out albums, most expensive solo artist advertisement -Pepsi, most expensive music video, biggest appearance change, etc.
RIP Michael Jackson.


  1. Nice fitting room photo ;)
    And aren't you attracted to.. well.. colors in general? O: Hahah :P
    Man, when I was a kid Thriller scared me too :| Especially when he morphed and all, whoa.

  2. Haha thanks MONster ;)
    Mmm, true true, haha seriously biggest aphrodisiac in the world - colours! :O Omg they red underlined my 'colours'! Fine, it's COLORS. Pshhh british :P HEY! YOU'RE british! Haha weird. Okay i dunno what's so weird about that :P :P
    I KNOWWW. Seriously creepy man. But i still loved him, haha :P