22 June 2009

o20. Jack Of All Trades

(this occurs when I haven't updated in awhile, & am trying to fit in so many new events into ONE saturated post :P)

I. Got a haircut less than an hour ago! Haha fast update eh ;]
II. I'm on a one week break, yaaaay.

III. Eldest sis, PeiWen is back from Perth! :))))

IV. Have been spending loads of time in the hospital. NiWen got admitted because she broke her arm during cheerleading practice last week. She was the flyer and her bases & spotters didn't manage to break and absorb her fall. Travelled to and fro the hospital for daaaays, more than 20 times. Even stayed the night @ the hospital last night. Got a mere 2hour+ of sleep, came home and dozed off for 5 hours till 12 :P
In detail ; her case was different because it was more serious than we thought. We expected her arm to be fractured/dislocated, but it was infact BROKEN. And they couldn't perform close manipulation (without opening up her arm) on her, due to the severity of the condition of her arm. She had TWO surgeries done in 5 days.
But all is good and she was discharged this afternoon.
She's my Little Miss Superman, so small yet so brave. Not a single tear or complaint :]

V. A belated birthday shoutout to BelleBeanz, HoneyStars, SarahBanana, & Sabrina.
Will update on this in a separate post :)

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