21 February 2009

oo3. Of Vanity & CottonBalls

I know you thought I forgot, but I didn't, really. I don't have any presents whatsoever, but I really miss you. I miss our walks to Chem, Bio & Physics labs, us talking about really stupid things. I miss how you HATE PJ periods, and your dorky blue 'food cooler' and how you always have really yummy food during recess. I miss how you always give me the mangoes because you don't like them. I miss going to your house and cutting the styrofoam for our Canteen Day or whatever day. I miss you lecturing me about studies and giving me tips before every exam paper. I miss how you have something to say about.. EVERYTHING. I miss the time where we were laughing so hard and Pn. Suguna asked you to read the passage and you couldn't, lol. I miss telling you everything.

I love you, Mei!
And I hate it that you're so far away.
Sorry for being rude just now. No explanation will suffice, I know :\



Nahh, I haven't snipped off one-third of my hairlength yet, just wondering if I should. Aha! Gosh, it's been 6 years since I had short hair :\ How unadventurous of me. HAHA :(
I look so chineseschoolgirl-ish though. Imagine if I started speaking in Mandarin. *pauses* Okay, let's not go there. Haha! :P But I truly wish I could speak Mandarin, really! Even Kath can speak a little now. It's so unfair considering my Mandarin was better than hers like.. last year :( Maybe I should sign myself up for Mandarin classes. Not to write or read or anything like that, just have a normal conversation or.. ordering food :S

Yeah, this is how I look like now. Actually yesterday, but details schmetails :P

Oh, went for CG yesterday, and it was a really good discussion about premarital sex. I personally feel that girls these days should have standards and not look for love in the wrong places. Besides, protection might fail you, accidents may happen! That will just really ruin your life and all the plans you have for your future. Also, you don't exactly know if the guy is gonna be with you when he finds out you're pregnant :P So the best way is abstinence! I'm sure your future husband/wife will appreciate it ;) HAHA.

Random picture time! :D

This is one of the things I do @ work :P
It's not easy, trust me! WeiSern couldn't do it, bhahaha :D "fat ugly (cotton) balls" :P
Requires lots of patience and skillsss. Cough.

Got a French mani-pedi!`
My toes are getting ugly though, probably because of the "over-wearage" (lol) of flipflops.
Note To Self: French pedicures.. not a very brilliant idea.

Friendship Night / Valentine's Day:

The bookmarks yourstruly designed :D

This performance was crazy, I've never seen/heard anything like it.
So much talent and skills, really.

Duet by WeiSern & Praggy :D
Very impressed, it was good!

Err.. that's just Gary being.. Gary. Nyahaha :S

Alright. Gonna have lunch soon!
Bye, loves.

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