23 February 2009

oo4. It's Just Another Manic Monday..

Today was my last day of work! And probably the longest ever. Okay it's the exact same time frame of working, but it feels as if every second is hesitating to just.. TICK >:(

Got my salary today! So proud of myself. This whole working-in-dad's-clinic thing has taught me so many things. I've seen Dad cut open people's gums and eliminate the decay, then sew it back; seen an implant being done, Dad drilling titanium screws into the gums, etc. It sounds utterly disgusting, I know. But trust me; it's fascinating. Damn, I probably sound like a freak now and you probably wouldn't wanna read this blog ever again. HAHA :P

Anyways, I've also learned to humble myself and do little little odd jobs; folding toilet paper, folding tissue paper, folding cotton gauze, folding cotton balls (yes, lots of folding :P), watering the plants (I love this part because I get to use a really adorable watering can :P), arranging the magazines (patients these days are so uncivilised, manhandling the magazines.. tsk), reloading anesthetic into the metal syringes, standing beside Dad while he's performing surgery, sitting in Dad's private office eating chips *GRIN*

Got Baskin's with WeiSern after work; someone's finally got braces! :D Haha.


It wasn't intentional. And you agreed, why did we finally settle on that solution if you had something to retort back? It is so unfair on my part because it was a 50-50 chance and you clearly lost. I've yet to tell anyone about this, but what you said; and who you told.. That just proved to me how shallow you can be; because you yourself know; if you confronted me about it, you would lose. You could've told another person, but you chose that person. Not because that's the first person on your mind. I know your reasons. You knew I would never tell anyone and make you sound bad.. And you're right. I won't.
Stop faking. Please.

It's just another manic Monday..

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