08 July 2010

o72. Can't think of a title, I'm going to watch Germany vs. Spain, bye!

Hello hello! Firstly, here's a massive apology for shamelessly leaving my blog to rot, only with you few good people checking back and reading it. Here's to you, you good good people! *toasts champagne* :) Anyhoos, here's a treat for you fellow inhabitants of my not-anymore dead blog (I hope)! I've edited and filtered every picture here, so you'd better appreciate them! :P

Last Sunday was my Dad's 40th anniversary since the day he graduated from high school. Yes he was from Chung Ling High School! Comment if you're from Chung Ling okay! :D And no, you didn't read wrongly, it is his 40th anniversary. Don't count please, he's that old. But never old at heart, as he constantly reminds me :P
His class of 19-something threw a get-together, visited their alma mater and all that jazz. The family was invited, so we went and invited some friends too bhahaha. It felt like we were crashing the "party", but the uncles and aunties were all so gracious about it, so yay! All is good, lol :) I'll just run you through the event with accompanying pictures, I'm lazy!

001 *Imagines reggae song playing in the background*
Why do I take such good shots? *basks in self-praise* :)) 

002 Ready, set, go.. win ;)
Did I fail to mention that Dad, XiaoWen and I joined the darts mini competition? It was my first time at darts during the practice round and I was mortified, it was a nightmare! But then came the actual competition among all the elderly older men and women, and I won second place (by the grace of God haha)!
I won a skipping rope! I was ecstatic as it has been on my To Buy list for quite awhile now, on top of 'hula hoop'. *Hinthint* ;)

003 Next up was the apple-biting competition. I'm sure you get the drift - get a partner, no hands allowed, first to finish the apple wins.

004 Mom and Dad joined too! Haha I wish I didn't join so I get to watch them! Must've been hilarious, teehee.

005 Us and our very strategic endeavor. It was a good strategy okay! I'll hold the apple in place, XiaoWen will eat it :)

006 Guess what? We won first place bahahha :D Okay mostly because everyone else dropped their apples, but regardless, first place is first place! We won a 'Figure Twister'! I was so excited, I thought it was Twister as in the party game (I've wanted that as long as I have lived), but this was not too shabby a prize! It's fun, I've been spinning on it while watching Gossip Girl and when Mom asks what am I doing, I shout "I'm working out!"(Y) :D

007 KheenHo and LiYen. The CHARM cheerleaders who stay over at my place once every two weeks or so. How cute are they? :)

008 My little hardcore cheerleaders + KheenHo and LiYen. Lovelove* ♥

009 Next on the itenary : Kayaking! :)
See the pink on second from right, second from top? I wanted that the moment I laid eyes on it! But apparently it's a different kind of kayak, which is the 'sit-in' one, which makes it dangerous if I capsized. And I'm so deathly afraid of capsizing, I think if we happen to fall into the water, I'd die of shock and panic before I die of drowning! So we chose the sit-on one instead. *Beams* :)

010 My sisters with our oars :)

011 XiaoWen would be happy to see evidence of me not contributing anything to the rowing, haha! I would row for about 30 seconds and then put down my oars, lol. In my defence, I'm not an avid kayak-er or generally any sport which requires upper body strength. I promise you I have zero upper body strength. It's quite sad, and everyone in my family teases me about it. I am deeply affected by this :'(

012 Err.. me resting again. Heh 0:)

013 Boat ride! :)

014 Aww I love group shots!

015 Another group shot. No, I have no idea what is KheenHo doing.

016 Look at Elizabeth being all queen of the ship boat :D I love this picture of her! She's 13 by the way :)

017 Fav pic collage of the day :)

I love long days spent with my family like that. So much fun! Though I wish we went jetskiing instead. I love jetskis! :D

What's your favourite water sport? :D
And does anyone know the difference between canoeing and kayaking? :\


  1. not bad huh.. 2nd place for dart competition despite first time playing it. hahaha.. i miss kayak-ing! we so gonna do that for cf events!

    my aunt has it at her house,
    everytime i go, BAM! pusingpusingpusing.
    awesome shizz!!