04 June 2010

o71. When I discovered that 'OK' looks like a person sideways, it blew my mind!

I reckon it looks more like a comicbook strip from far than Bio notes :\

Goodbye, colourful Student Manual.

Two more Chem papers to go :)

And then, plans. :)
Haven't really gone full out planning yet haha, but it will come. I've got too many months to waste make my time here as productive as possible ;)
On a completely random note, does anyone know where I can get peacock feathers? :D Comment below if you do! Your answer can't be worse than NiWen's.

"Hey Ni, d'you know where I can get peacock feathers?"
"I don't know Kai, the zoo?"


  1. Little India! :D
    50 cents for one, last time I bought it... 7 years ago.


  2. Haha! Thanks for that suggestion, idk why I didn't think of that. Especially coming from someone who hasn't been living in Msia, embarrassing :P
    I'll go look for it next week :D

  3. omgsh so colorful k! I'll be too amused with the colors to read all that if I were you! Hahaha

  4. Mon, too bad I can only focus when it's all colourful. I'm fab like that :P Lovelove*

  5. NiWen's answer is awesome! LOLL!