10 May 2010

o63. Mum's the word.

Here's wishing all my readers Happy Mommas' Day! I don't think any moms are reading this, except for my mom :DDD Hello mommy :)
We celebrated Mothers' Day @ Edoichi, Island Plaza this year.

The food here is truly spectacular! The pictures themselves are self explanatory ;)

This is the most amazing salad in the world. Okay, one of the most amazing :P
Soft shell crab salad. The dressing, as I quote Belle, is "simply devine".
I quote NiWen after she ate it, "THIS IS HEAVEN OMG" :P

Moto-something sushi :P
Deep fried salmon with cheese and mayo. There is nothing like it!
It's crispy at some parts :D I really enjoyed this one hee :)

XiaoWen's kimuchi ramen.
(I have the worst photography skills. This is a failed attempt at taking an artsy pic :P)

NiWen's raw fish and unagi set :)

 My cha soba.
A recommendation from Belle but it really is just mediocre.
I didn't like the sesame in the soba sauce, but maybe that's just me. I just dislike sesame in general.

Squid. Excellent texture, really!
Just like the ones we had in Melbourne :) My dad loved this.

I find this disturbing. I can't eat this.
I don't eat faces :\

The 'sushi' NiWen made for XiaoWen ._____.
Yeaaaah. I know. Shh :P

I missed out a few more other dishes' pictures! But we will definitely go back again next time so no worries :DD
Time for some people pictures :)

NiWen & XiaoWen :)
We sat at the sushi bar.

XiaoWen and I.

The little one and I.

"Come, let's take a picture!"
Wow, that is super fail .__.

Yes my dad ruins pictures like that.
He always have to make a funny face! Seriously. AL-FREAKIN-WAYS!
But I love him :P And his funnyfacemaking habit.

Everyone! Missing PeiWen :(
Yes, NiWen IS carrying an SPM Biology book. Pfft :P

No Mothers' Day post would be complete without a tribute to mothers :)

My mom means the world to me. Truly, without her little comments and cheer-me-ups, I would never have had the strength to take on another life bullet again. My mom is the one who has instilled in me (and my sisters) the power of love, and really proved to us that love conquers all :) You can be the poorest family in the state, but with the abundance of love of a family, truly I think that you are richest there and then :)
My mom is a perfectionist, even to the smallest detail like making sure everything on the dining table is served hot. I, for one, don't care how cold my chicken is, I will still eat it! :P But my mom would never allow that haha! She wants nothing but the best for us (my sisters and I) :]
My mom is one of the funniest people I know, and I'm sure people who know her could not agree more :) She is not afraid of making herself look or sound silly. At the same time, she is the kind of woman whom people treat with love and respect. She is a mom to my sisters and I, even my friends and her friends' kids :)
That is the kind of woman she is, looking out for both family and friends. A mom to all :)

I love you so much, Mom.

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