04 May 2010

o62. Only because I love you guys! :P

As I've mentioned in the little post (which didn't deserve a title and a post number because it's too tiny to be counted as a post ☺), I've added a few features to this blog :)

1. The comments!
I wasn't really into comments before. I mean I loved reading comments, but then they're just y'know.. there :\ Okay I should be sued for bad description of things D: But anyways you know what I mean! So I've added this feature which enables you guys to reply to a certain comment, or *like* the comment :)
See, you can see the little 'Reply' button beside the very adorable smiley :) And I *like*d Mon's comment, so it'll be stated there :)

2. Reactions!
You can pick reactions to a particular post :) Like, Love or I LOL-ed!
If you have no reactions, then don't click anything, it's fine haha :P

3. Cute monsters :P

If you don't have a picture, you're automatically a heart-shaped monster :P Haha I'm sorry, I thought it was pretty cute. No? :3
I'm still in the process of discovering how to manage random avatars, so all of you won't have the same monsters :\ Do tell me if you know? Tried googling like mad and still couldn't figure it out. Oh well! :)
If you want to have a picture of your own on your comments, you can comment with Twitter, or sign in with Disqus. You can then choose a picture of yourself and my comment page wouldn't be full of heartshaped monsters haha :D

PS/ I just realised that if you click on those printscreens, I actually googled 'Vietnamese pancake' on my google bar, and now the whole world can see it. How embarrassing!
Why, WHYYYYY do I do things like that .____.

UPDATE (5/6/10):
I removed the comments thingy and the monsters thing cos Disqus was messing up my comments! I would have comments on the post and then it still says "0 comments". And they deleted so many of my comments so I am was pretty upset about it :(
Oh well :(

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