28 April 2010

o61. Girls only :)

Hello girls.
Yes, girls, only, meaning there's only space for testosterone-free people and if you're a guy and you're still reading, well.
There, there. :)

Anyways, this post is what I've promised two posts ago, where I said I'll be doing nail polish swatches the next post. Yes I know. I lied (twice) because I didn't do it the next post (blame Mon :P), PLUS this post isn't about nail polish swatches. *hangs self* D:
HOWEVER! It's something very close to nail polish swatches -- NAIL POLISH :D
Yes, girl (and you non-heterosexual guy) -reading-this-post, I am gonna show you my nail polish collection thus far *cue nostalgic music* D:

First off, I'll show you my base coats and top coats.

 Waitwaitwait. The nailpolish second from left is GENIUS.
Even Steph says so! I quote "miracle nailpolish" :O It's basically a foundation nailpolish, where it covers your ridges on your fingernails (especially when you don't buff them very often), and make them smooth! :D It dries in literally 10 seconds. I am not even close to exaggerating!
Google it and discover the wonders of Nail Tek Foundation II :P
And as you can see, I devour SkinFood's topcoats. They don't dry as well, but the end results are (almost) always worth it :) The one in the middle belongs to NiWen, and as you can see it says "2 FOR RM3.50"! Filthy cheap, and surprisingly pleasant! I have no idea where that is from, but I use it on my toenails only, idk why :) The one on far left is from Etude House, a (very) pink shop next to TopShop @ Queens.

The pinks.

I don't use pinks that much, if ever. I don't really know why, I just reckon it makes my skin look yellower in comparison :\ Not a fan :)

I enjoy looking for the perfect red, and am still looking for a good creme red with a glossy (but not shimmery finish).
The China Glaze (2nd from left) is Ruby Pumps, which is almost the same as OPI's Alice In Wonderland collection's red, called 'Thanks So Muchness!'. Gorgeous, but an irritating mess when removing the colour from your nails >:(

The Shimmers
I really really REALLY do not like shimmers, hence the very few that I own. Like the pinks, I don't use shimmers at all. :) Some may like the glitter in it, but I just think it makes your nails look tacky and somewhat.. cheap, for the lack of a better word :\

I don't wear a lot of neutrals, only during French Manicures.
But I'm starting to like them a lot these days. It gives me a sense of sophistication :P
And God knows I need that :(

I love browns. I am currently wearing the one on the left, and it makes my nails look totally edible! :P Like rich milk chocolate yum yum.
(Okay I actually really dislike milk chocolate. Yes, milk chocolate, white chocolate, etc. Only dark chocolate :D I don't HATE it per se, but y'know, I'd rather not :P)

I wear bold colours on my nails A LOT. I've always been known as "The girl with green/purple/yellow/orange nails", but then again, it changes most of the time, so I now go around with hot pink nailpolish and no one bats and eyelid :P HAHA!
My Dad loves the dark green (fifth from right), and so do I! It's such an excellent colour, and so rare. I've never seen anyone wearing that shade of green. I do know a lot of people who own the apple green from Skin Food (6th from right) though :)

This is how my nailpolishes look like when they're messy :(
But they're very rarely in this condition unless I am really indecisive about what colour I want to wear and then just rummage everything out and swatch them on my fingernails. :(

They are mostly like this *beams proudly* :D:D:D
So organized, I know :D:D:D But I'm running out of space because I keep adding more to my collection. So I've switched from chocolate boxes to shoeboxes to bigger shoeboxes :P

Top Row: SkinFood nailpolishes (I adore SkinFood. Amazing nailpolish formula and affordable price! :D)
Second Row: China Glaze, OPI, Face Shop -I really don't like Face Shop's formula because it clumps up and dries out really fast. Grr. Like gimme back my money yo >:(
Third Row: Some nailpolishes from SASA (only RM8.90!), Revlon, Elianto (clumps up a lot too D: I've thrown out a couple of Elianto's polishes because it literally hardens! But can't demand for much cos it really is cheap! Err RM5 I think?)

This is what fits now, but I need a new box because I just ordered a few more China Glazes from Berry Spree. You can order them too! Just go to the website, and yeah, you'll know what to do haha :) Yes, /32./ Caitlyn  is me, haha :) Do let me know how you store your nailpolishes, or your favourite brand, or your must-have colours! I'd love to know :)


  1. Just because you asked. :) Go multiple nail polishes! :D

  2. You give Ni credit for hers but not mine when there are more of mine? How could you?! !#$$%^&# Bitch slaps* :P


  3. @XW HAHAHAHAHA okay those SASA & Etude ones :D
    *bitchslaps Ni* Happy? :D HAHAHAHHA JOKES.

    @Tim, why thank you! :P Lol. Remember, comment about the post on the post! Say no to the chatbox :P Haha kthnxbai.