15 March 2010

o58. Red Carpet.

This post is a little late, but I love Red Carpet moments at Oscars and Academy Awards! Here are a few of my favourites and.. notsofavourites, for the lack of a better word.

Top Two Favourites.
Cameron Diaz in an Oscar de la renta gown. Love her 90's hairstyle, this is so Hollywood glamour, she looks smokin :) Yes, this dress is very Taylor Swift, but I reckon it works! Truthfully I've always been a fan of Cameron Diaz on red carpets; she carries herself awfully well :)
Anna Kendrick. Love the offshoulder blush pink dress and the lace details at the bottom. I like how her hair complements her romantic look :) Nice minimalistic accessory, not that she needs it with this gorgeous dress.

(L) Penelope Cruz looks fabulous, I love this shade of red, but I personally think this dress is a bit too safe for her.
(R) Kristen Stewart! In a red carpet worthy dress. Confidence is the best accessory and she's lacking it. She looks somewhat uncomfortable :\

I forgot her name. Wait, let me check.
Carey Mulligan in Prada. As much as I like the beading at the top, I'm not into the asymmetrical hem. And wrong shoes!

I normally don't like chiffon-looking material, but I think this dress on Rachel McAdams looks exquisite :) And maybe I'm biased cos it's Rachel McAdams :P
Favourite actress EVER.

Love her movies, not the dress. Not getting her hair, her facial expression and her make up. She needs to get her eyebrows done pronto. Sorry, Sandra B :(

I love SJP as much as any other Sex & The City fan, but she looks as if her tanning session went wrong. She's ORANGE. Can't say I'm a fan of the Chanel dress either.

 Beautiful colour, wrong dress. The top of the dress is not fashion forward, it's simply questionable.
Besides, it doesn't fit her body well. I still love the colour though.


  1. Carey Mulligan's dress is the bomb!
    There are mini forks, knives, scissors, watch components etc sewn on! :O :O :O

  2. I know right. So cool. But the bottom part of the dress, pfft :S Not cool.
    It's PRADA, baby :P

  3. but she pulls it off nicely I think.
    prada makes forks and knives? oooh