23 March 2010

o59. Material, Material, Material World

I've compiled a wishlist for some time now, and Ira's tweet on neon watches inspired me to write up a blogpost on my wishlist! :D
They're all really random so here goes:
1. Nixon Time Teller Watch
This is the watch Randy has been wearing on Idol during the Audition weeks! I must say, the man has good taste when it comes to watches cos I absolutely adoooore this watch and I want it so badly! *googly eyed* 0:)

2. Pop Art Toaster
How amused would your guests/friends be when you serve them this for breakfast or tea? :D So adorable! I really want this! :D Not a necessity, but definitely a looker! :D

3. Kuretake Handmade Mini Envelope Template
If you are a close friend, or simply a friend, you would know that I am a cardmaking fanatic. I find every opportunity to make a card :) And if you are a regular card maker, you would know how difficult it is looking for a perfect envelope to match/fit your card. If I have the Kuretake envelope template, I could use ANY paper (designed, magazine paper, metallic paper, cardboard, etc) to make an envelope of ANY size I want :D Hence, problem solved yay :)

4. Paul Frank iPhone case! Pretty self explanatory. :D

5. Digital Blue LEGO 3MP Digital Camera
Ahh so cuuuute :D THIS IS NOT A TOY! It's a functional 3megapixel cam with LCD screen :O :O Okay this isn't technically on my to-buy list, because I don't see myself actually paying £59.99 (RM300) for it. But it is a wishlist afterall so I can have anything here lalala. *goes into irritating humming ignorant mode*

 6. Korean-y backpacks! :D
HOW CUTE IS THIIISSSS! I've seen so many Koreans carrying it around college, and it's so gaah adorable :) I've ordered one online, so yay at least I can cross out ONE THING on my wishlist 0:) I feel so accomplished! *strikes through #6* *feels satisfied* 0:)

7. Removable hair extensions!
How awesome is it to just have different coloured streaks to school everyday! *mock advertorial shock* :O

8. EOS lipbalm.
Just the packaging itself brings me to remove the money from my wallet haha. I would love to have this in my bag! Too cute. :) Besides, Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Adam Lambert use it loool! :P

I've wanted this forever! If you are a huge fan of nailpolish and own 572038470234 OPI, ChinaGlaze, Essie, Orly, Skinfood nailpolishes, you MUST look at the website! Phenomenal :D I'm crazy about reflective, chrome and metal-surface nails.
*I have nailpolish swatches coming up in the next post! Exciiited :D:D:D

10. Zoe Chicco Hug & Kiss Necklace
Stunning signature piece! :) Spotted on Lea Michelle (Rachel in Glee) too. I'm a sucker for statement necklaces, necklaces with initials, statement bibs, etc. :D
As much as I love this piece, I am pretty very sure I will not pay RM1580 for it!

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