21 November 2009

o40. I'm leeeeaaavingg.. on a jet planeee. :)

Exams are over, babehhhhhh :D
Finished Chemistry paper 1 this morning and boy, was it a relief! I am happy :)
Leaving to Melbourne, Australia tomorrow morning at 7am! Bleehhh not a morning person! Haha :((
Gonna be there for two weeks! Started packing two days ago :)

Clothes all packed for summerrrr :)

I love my luggage tag :)
Like it? Get it from Fourskin, Gurney! Adoreee that shop! :D

All packed! Spot mine! :)

Unfortunately, I'll only be in Melbourne the whole time! I REALLY wish I could travel to Sydney and visit ShuMei :) Ahhh *sends love to Mei* heee :D
Anyways this time I'll be visiting my super awesome family there & also meeting up with Carin! *squeaaalss*
And I just realized that SO many people are in Melb. Like the whole of Penang is moving there. D: Scary :S HEH.
Oh and I'll try to blog as frequently. Keep up with my Tweets, darlings! :D

Sending all my love from a jetplane ;)

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