14 November 2009

o39. A random chat.

OMEGLE Conversation!
It's nice to (very rarely) get someone nice to talk to. 20 minutes ago, I got a 15 year old guy (who talks like a girl) from Colorado, US! :D Here are some fun excerpts from our conversation haha :)

Stranger: Good Evening
You: Afternoon! :)
Stranger: Where art thou fromst?
You: 1800's! Haha :P
Stranger: daayyuuummm
You: Where are you from?
Stranger: the ignoramus country called America
You: Ahhh.
Stranger: You?
You: I'm from Malaysia. :D
You: Heard of it?
Stranger: I have
Stranger: Are you seriously from Malaysia?
Stranger: It seems suspicious to me because your english is so good.
You: Malaysians' English is of a high standard okay. *(NOT TRUE)
You: :P
You: Okay maybe not but whatevvvvv :P
Stranger: =P
You: Or maybe i'm just few of the awesome ones here :D *(VERY TRUE :P)
You: Nyahaha.
Stranger: Mwahaha!
Stranger: teehee, XD *(WHAT GUY SAYS 'TEEHEE'?! -.-)

Stranger: How is the weather in Malaysia? Do you guys ever get snow or anything?
You: HAHAHA DUH, NEVER! We're on the Equator helloooooo! -.-
You: Haha :P
Stranger: ahaha
Stranger: Never? Never ever?
 (*Americans are silly silly people :P)

Stranger: What is the main religion in Malaysia?
You: Religion?
You: Hmm.
You: Islam, I guess. It is an Islamic country.
Stranger: I hate how people think that Muslims are all Terrorists. Just isn't right or fair.
You: Wow. That's a first.
You: I have so many awesome Muslim friends! Malaysians are not terrorists. Haha :D
You: We're not evil enough haha :P

You: Omg my comp almost hangggggedddd :S
Stranger: NOOOOO
You: I'm too fun i know :P
Stranger: Yeah your exciting
Stranger: Can't believe
Stranger: I am having a real conversation with someone on OMEGLE!

You: I find it weird to have different timezones in ONE country :\
Stranger: well America is kinda big
You: In malaysia, EVERYWHERE'S 4pm! :D *Lol stupid me :P
You: Haha :P
Stranger: Always 4pm? it never changes!? OMG!
You: It's never night time! :O
Stranger: That must be amazing !
You: It really is. More reasons why everyone should come to Malaysiaaaa! :D Haha.
Stranger: Maybe one day when I'm not 15 =P
You: Maybe when you're six! :D
Stranger: maybe when im sixty
You: No, six :P
Stranger: Don't think that is gonna happen
You: Haha but whyyy not?!
Stranger: well because, well it just doesn't work that way! *(Hahaha! I find this conversation really funny :P)

Stranger: Weellll, I think its time for me to go to bed.........
Stranger: Good night Malaysian person.. well good Afternoon for you
You: Haha okay!
You: I'm blogging about our conversation haha :P
Stranger: omg noo don't mention me to the world
Stranger: im a secret agent no one can know about me!
You: Whooopsss!
Stranger: I must disappear now! good bye *Lol he is such a freak :P
You: Hahahahaha byeeeee! :D

* Words in red were not in the initial conversation :P

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