24 August 2009

o29. A pocket full of love.

This is how my Mozilla looks like now.
Get Personas, people! They're adorableeeee, as you can see :D
I can't decide which one's my favourite! Absolutely love the leopard spots, although they camouflage my tabs, pfft.

Pretty flowers! :D

This makes me happy (:
But clashes with my blogskin, haha.

The best part is, just one click of a button and i can switch between my chosen ones in mere seconds! :D Haha I sound like an advert now, damn.
But really, I'm so happy now because of these thingies :D

One of the biggest & lamest retards I know :P HAHA.
Always a joy to be around with.
Christmas shopping, sleepover, family Christmas dinner, wrapping presents together till 5am, making the manager warn us @ OldTown, Noodle Station with Jojo! HAHA, youth camps, etc.
I've had friends who come and go, but he's just always there (:
I miss him loads. Leaving back to UK again next month. Pfft.

Gonna hang out l8r this week.
It's been a loooong time, retard! :D


First date @ Mario's (:

On the a different note, WeiSern left for China today on a mission trip.
Coming home next week, can't wait!
It has been an emotional week, haha but I will survive 8 days (: