21 August 2009

o28. The Bee's Knees

Removed my braces.
Cut my hair; gotten bangs.

Updates coming up! (:

Here it is.
Took this picture 5 minutes ago! Haha :D

Without bangs, or with?
Haha I personally prefer WITHOUT, mainly cos my bangs are cut a tad too short, so imma wait till it grows out a lil longer (:
Not used to it yet, haha.

First day of college:
Ronald (Physics lecturer): CAITLYN! WHAT HAPPENED?!
Me: *takes file in attempt to hide face from the rest of the class*

And Daniel had this jaw-dropping look when I stepped into class, fuhh. It just made me ran out of class. HAHAHA! :P
Ms. Phang (Bio lecturer): CAITLYN! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR! *whole class turns around and look*
Fuhh. Felt so foolish to think people wouldn't notice my bangs, daaangg.
Note to self: Do not attempt to try any.. "new" looks in the future :D

Niwen's gotten braces!
Haha just 2 weeks after I removed mine :D
Watching her suffer on the dinner table every night, bhahahha :P :P


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