04 March 2009

oo7, Schedules & Such.

VDay :]

Driving school. Mission trip meeting @ church :]
Overnight @ Kath's. Lots of talking rubbish. Spicy kerabu. HAHA :P Talked & laughed 80% of the time, haha :P Slept at 3am+.

Woke up @ 5.30am for morning prayer in church. Kath sent me home, but I forgot to bring out my housekeys, so she dropped me at Dad's clinic :] WeiSern came, went to TanMark to get a looksie at some raaad magazines. Pretty stuff :]
Meeting with FOM-ers @ 6pm in McD.
HMI Concert at night! It was packed, and boy did we have a blast ;) So much energy & vibe. How it should be every week ;)

Had lunch @ Queens with WeiSern.

My pillar :]

Met up with the bestfriendof8years, Belle @ GAP. Catched up with her. Haven't seen her in almost 3 months! Serious torture. Lovelovelove her & all our talksss ;) Gotta have a sleepover with her one of these days! :]]
Education Fair @ PISA! Went to enquire more about my KDU stuff.
SNL @ night. Greaaat service; Pr. Richard from History Makers International (Singapore) was so energetic and radical for missions & God :]
Went for supper @ McD with Cass & Wihandro. Hilarious, we were all so hyper. Had good talks on the way back @ 1-ish :]

BM & English service :]
Was invited to the boys' band practice in the afternoon, so splitted up and went to Julian's place in different cars :] Bought lunch @ Khaleel's. Reached Julian's, and he forgot his housekeys (this is becoming a trend nowadays eh, lol) so all 7 of us [Julian, Dominic, Moy, Darren, WeiSern, Cass and I] climbed in through his gate, haha.

Studio in his house :]

They were all just doing their own thing; I was impressed ;) Haha they sound really good together and it was a great fusion :] "LoveLane, LoveLane!" HAHAHA ew :P
So ready to produce an album! Had no idea WeiSern could write such catchy and deep songs ;) ;)
Nicky joined us at the end and gave `em encouragement, positive feedback & advice :]

Went out with sisters. Dropped Ni @ Dad's clinic for dental appointment.
Went for breakfast.
Went out with XiaoWen to the education agency. Was attracted to Arts Schools in Singapore. Brilliant projects & designers. Why am I not doing Arts?
Photoshopped till late at night. Driven by inspiration out of the Art School stuff? Mmm :]
Late late supper with XW :]

Went out with XiaoWen to the agency (again).
Passed them the cheque for KDU College :]
Webcammed with PeiWen, eldest sis who's in Perth :]
Laughed so much, it's crazy. Miss her like madddd, grrr >:(
Cooked Maggi Laksa with XiaoWen @ 12am :P I only eat Maggi with Tobasco sauce :D HAHA sounds weird, no? But it's gooood, try it! :]
Talked on the phone till 1-ish; then konked off!

Haha silly :]
*click to enlarge*

Gotta go off to help prepare the chicken pie for dinner!
*rolls around in flour*
Hahaha love ♥

PS// notice the pink/red creature on the bottom right side of each picture! So adorable, no? Love quirky little things like that ;) Trademark for every picture taken/edited by me :P

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