26 February 2009

oo6. "Kamu tak tau cakap Hokkien ahh!?!" GRR >:(

Woke up at 6am, and the driver from the driving school called my house phone at 6:15am and told me he's outside my house. 15 minutes earlier than the time he told me! Needless to say, I didn't take my morning shower and was obviously not in a super cheery mood. To add to the shit feeling I had, some aunty started talking to me loudly in Hokkien. I was just staring blankly at her, and she started talking to me in BM. Everyone was staring like I'm some kinda freak. Grr where is the justice softspoken people when you need them?

Long story short, never -repeat, NEVER- take the driving theory course yourself.

Went to church for meeting @ 7pm. Was late cause of the traffic jam due to rain, grr :( Discussed about the Sabah mission trip. It's so exciting, really. Can't wait to even pack for it! Haha I'm in charged of Photography, so yay! Pictures time, woots :D At least I know it's something I can really do well at and bless people with :] Mustbring items -- sarong (I've never worn one in my entire life), sleeping bag, 5105123091 plastic bags lol, etc.
It's so terrifying yet I know I will learn a huge load from this trip. Really hope I come back with great testimonies to share and of course, pictures ;)

At Kath's place now.
Going to church @ 6am tomorrow for morning prayer! Yawn :)

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  1. I think everybody just expects us to know hokkien =) My instructor refused to speak in BM, cause he said it would be a shame to the chinese.lol.