25 August 2010

Interiors and homes I abslutely adore.

So when it comes to interior design and stuff as such, I go weak in the knees for white-washed, vintage, French and European-esque designs. I'm particular about colour schemes and arrangements/positions of furniture and such. Enjoy! :D



Hvítur Lakkrís
Mmmm :)
The epitome of magical. I've never seen anything quite like this! Completely in awe :O
In the words of Tsu, "Ridiculous and wonderful." :)
I yearn with all my heart for this French window bed! This is my ABSOLUTE dream bed. So dreamy. I would change the bedsheets to something cream-coloured or beige. And maybe have gorgeous lace curtains on the window. Gosh look at me ramble about this!
Mmmmm. Love the vintage clearglass shoerack + all the platforms and slingbacks in there ;)!
This is a bit modern for my liking, but I like the natural lighting in here. And also how the artwork behind the bed is designed as to not clutter the room. It almost seems minimalistic!
This is so beautiful, but it must be quite frustrating when it comes to cleaning the nooks and crannies in between the branches eh? :\ I don't get the boas on the floor too. How odd :S
A secret hideout! Aww so cute :) I love how the faded pink curtains give it a homey feel. It would be so country if it's painted white with a bit of wooden grains showing through :)
How whimsical and dreamy! A cross between Victorian and New York! Love the mustard colour scheme.

Such a lovely idea. I can only imagine how romantic this would be. Hee :)

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my little compilation of all things beautiful ;) Haha. Comment if you love! ;)

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