11 June 2009

o18. Take A Little Time.

7th June - A Date With A Stalk Of Parsley :)

Let me introduce you to this vegetable :D
She's a big spaz, and she's half Scottish :] I've known her for.. *counts with fingers* NINE years! :O She appreciates good music and has an insane passion for fooood, hence her diploma in Culinary Arts @ Taylor's, KL :) Also, she makes the BEST homemade chili-sourcream-parmesan wraps! Mmm :D Oh, and the best hummus too! Yummm :D
Oh, & I love her to bits :)))

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Planned the outing a night before, when she called.
We lunched at..

DOME, Gurney.

My ah-may-zing chicken & mushroom pie.

Her focaccia with chicken, avocado (mmm fav! :D) & vegetables.

A cupcake with a tub of Ben&Jerry's ChunkyMonkey :P

We talked for hours @ Dome! Haha didn't notice the time, caught up about almost everything. Time wasn't enough, although we talked so much on the phone the previous night already! Haha! :)
Browsed through the Gurney Walk thing, haha & bought a cupcake from Cupcakes4You! :)
Planned to windowshop for clothes later, but ended up buying, heh :S

Our post-shopping treat, gelatoooo :D
It was yummm, and cheap too! :)

Our granny/sheep cupcake!
Sickeningly sweet, haha diabetic! :P so adorable though :)

Had a good laidback day just relaxing and catching up and laughing over stories shared :)

Have been webcamming a lot lately, heh.
It makes me happy, or rather the other webcamee (lol) makes me happy :)))
*click to enlarge*

Heee, no holding back, just raw & real emotions :)


  1. Awwh!
    Gosh, i had such an AWESOME time that day! =D
    *parsley wilts from...awwness*
    I miss you!
    I'll be back on Monday tho.
    SO we can hang out againz!

  2. the webcam parts.so sweeeet.=)

  3. Intan> Hee yeep. It was yummy as well! (:
    CAROL> Haha I didn't realize you commented! Lookie, I'm replying after more than one month. Wooooooh :D I love you to bits!
    Thess> Hee thanksssss :)))