07 June 2009

o16. Sand In Your Feet :]

KDU Beach Bash 09.

Going for lunch with Josh, WilSern & Kenneth soonish.
Will update completely when I get ba
ck, hee :]



Rainbowwwww :D
"COINCIDENCE" HAHAHHAA *insidejoke during GP class* :P

Decided to go since Thessers and Sham were busy trying to sell off tickets, haha :] Went to Beanz's house to get ready after Chem class, & Thessers decided to follow too! :]
Repainted our nails, showered, got ready. T was distracted by CLEO mag and kept asking us questions from the quizzes & telling us our results. HAHA "You are most like.. A. yadayada" Cheesy & predictable, but we do it all the same, haha :]

Miss Thessa Arabella :]
Such a pretty nameeee! LOVES*

Took SILLY pictures. HAHAHAHA.
This is so embarrassing, but I'll put it up anyway :S I look so RETARDED!
We all spent a good 5 mins laughing our heads off at my stupid expression when reviewing the pictures, haha! :P


Sham, TheAwesome, Thessers, Beanz :]

With Sean, our GP lecturer.
He's cool :]



Pavitraaaa! We go waaaay back, haha desk partner 2006! :)

The nicely decorated Tiki Bar! :]


Kudos to CAPS (Creative Arts & Performances Society) for all the effort put into this event. All the deco and set up were really pretty, loved it :]
The performances were mediocre though, only liked one of the singing performances - the one by a dude who looked like Josh lol. I loved the illusionist! So cool, I was totally in awe. Haha! :D


I loved the super yummy drinks they were selling @ the Tiki Bar!
Haha margaritas, pina colada, etc. Not alcoholic though, haha it's just the name :P

Went to my locker to get Sham's stuff for him, and took some hallway shots! :]

Left early, around 10pm+, and sat in Beanz's car with Daniel & Thessers! Haha *nudge* :P
Trying to be all secretive, planning Daniel's birthday surprise! Haha :P

It was a good night :)
Big thanks to my friends for greaaat company :]

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