23 May 2009

o13. Lyrics vs. Melody

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One-third of the food we ordered :S

Eating so much these days, seriously. Eating out everyday, and I mean eating heavyyyyy :O
Australian aunt came home! Family reunion dinner @ Tsuruya, Times Square.
Just went there last week for an equally heavy dinner, haha. HELLO, 10 POUNDS! Hah :P

On completely another note,
I watched Night In The Museum 2!
Oh gosh, hilarious. Perfect for comedy lovers, or BenStiller fans.
That just includes everyone cos I mean c'mon. WHO ISN'T A BEN STILLER FAN?!
Loved it when he opened an episode of American Idol few weeks ago. Funnehhh :D

Anyways, gonna update bit by bit, so yep; wait for it :]
I adore my blog! :D
Hopefully revamping the look will mean inspiration for me to blog more often eh ;)

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