13 April 2009

o1o. Missed Me? ;)

HOHOHO, I'm back, darlingss! ;)
Lol it's like I died, I know.
Well, maybe it was the Easter spirit which got me on my blogging again, since Jesus resurrected, maybe I should 'resurrect' from my hiatus too? Heee :]

Random updates:
1. I'm in college! KDU, A Levels March intake :] Made lotssss of new friends, they're all hilarious and a joy to be around with! Haha the syllabus is tolerable for this stage. Still the basics, but wait till A2. Better get workin now. Haha ;)

2. I'm back from my Sabah mission trip! Needless to say, it was a BLAST. Really enjoyed it. Gonna get more pictures & blog about it soon :]

3. Eldest sis, PeiWen is back from Perth! :] Totally surprised everyone when she was just sitting in the living room like it's not a big deal. Haha! Nice surprise, everyone was excited :] Having sisterly moments as well, awww ;)

4. Have you watched He's Just Not That Into You? I loved it! Sis got me the book from Aussie, but this is one of the rare occasions where the movie is sooo much better than the book! :) Ahhh totally an eye-candy movie! Haha! Mmmmm ;) Especially Bradley Cooper, zomgshzebras! *fans self* HAHA sooo droolworthy, lol! Gonna watch it again this week with B & W :]


Yesterday: Dinner @ A Particular Fish Village :)

On the way to Kampung Tempoyak!
A hidden heaven, really ;)

What happens when the journey takes 45 minutes.. ;)

Looks so.. 1980's! Haha :P

My favourite picture of the daaaay :]

HAHAHA totally unplanned, just asked us to turn behind and *snaaap* ;)

This guy was totally posing for us! Haha looked behind, then pose, then looked behind, and changed his pose. We were all laughing about it for some time :P
But nice edit though, right? :P HAHA photoshopped a lotttt :S

They are the most bipolar and crazy sisters anyone can have ;) Haha!

Awwhhh :]

HAHAHA retardddd :P
This picture is dedicated to Joel the Retard, who's in UK now.
We all miss you terribly! :')

I love collages like thaat! Ahhh, even of other people and their friends/family. They just make me smileeee :]

That's all for now, aha!


  1. Awww. You look so retarded! :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Did you just... compare yourself to Jesus??! :P

    And how did you make lots of new friends? Don't you know EVERYONE in penang? :P :P

  4. btw, getall7 is my grandma's gmail account. She forgot to sign out. Grrr...

  5. HAHAHAHAHA MEI! :P No I meant that I was.. inspired by Jesus! Hahaha! 0:D HEY HEY I don't okaaay! I make new friends everyday! Haha :P Aww so cute, mei's grandma :) :) *cooks chicken soup* Ok i dunno why i typed that. Old people just remind me of chicken soup :S

    Joel> HAHAHA like you, LOL :P :P :P :P

  6. Inspired by Jesus? Yeah sure :P
    Chicken soup reminds me of lumps. Yellow lumps.
    I'm gonna tell my grandma you called her old. She's not gonna be happy! She doesn't know how to log out of anything.

  7. i missed your sister alot. =,(